Spring is here… We all know that means more time outdoors and in the garden. Here are some tips to follow to ensure your feet are well looked after this Spring.

1- If you are passionate gardener then you have been counting the days until your flowers start to bloom and your soil is ready to plant your bulbs and seeds in time for Summer. It is important that whilst you spend much time outside in the damp soil that you carefully protect your feet. Along with worrying about insects that are crawling around you, you need to also worry about fungus. Soil can inhabit certain fungus which can enter your nails and cause a fungal nail infection. This can even occur when you wear runners as some may not be waterproof. To avoid this risk it is recommended that you wear gumboots or waterproof boots for gardening to protect you from such germs which can be timely to treat.

2- As the weather starts to warm up and the kids begin to go swimming with their school or on holidays it is important that their feet are protected from germs that can thrive in moist environments. Athlete’s foot and Plantar Warts can both spread at the swimming pools and showers. To avoid contracting these infections wear waterproof thongs outside the water and wash your feet well as soon as you get home.

3- Wearing thongs all the time as soon as the weather starts to warm up can lead to foot pain. If you have been wearing your orthoses and supportive footwear throughout winter, don’t fall in the trap of wearing your flat thongs for convenience. As they are flat they will not provide your feet with the support required and your previous ailments such as heel pain and ball of the foot pain may return.  A way to avoid this problem is to wear supportive thongs which combine the convenience of thongs with the support of orthoses (these are available at out clinic).

4- As your feet have been hibernating all of winter you might find they need a little bit of love and attention. Our Podiatrists are here to treat any nail discolourations, cracked heels, corns and callous.

5- Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

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